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Comprehensive insurance plans

You put a lot of thought into buying your home, and for a good reason. It’s one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Like any major investment, you want to protect your home against every potential loss. Let us help you establish a comprehensive plan that gives you complete peace of mind. We work with the best insurance providers in the business, and custom tailor our homeowners insurance quotes to fit your specific needs.

We are a trusted homeowners insurance agency that can help you find the perfect plan for you and your family.

Select a replacement cost cap that provides true coverage. A total loss is the worst-case scenario, and many plans will not cover that. In fact, some insurance companies cap a policy at a meager 20 percent or 25 percent. Our agents can help you establish a cap of 50 percent, 100 percent or full replacement for like kind and quality. To further lessen the financial impact of a large loss some of our companies waive the deductible when a loss exceeds $50,000. 

  • Let us insure you from the ground up. As a homeowner, your worst enemy can seep up from below through water backup from sewers and sump pumps. While many companies sell plans that cover only $10,000 in damages, we can insure up to the dwelling limit.

Choose only the features you need with our flexible plans. As a leading independent home insurance agency, we have the ability to personalize your coverage. Your plan can protect other buildings on your property, or it can include insurance for the furniture inside of your home. We can also tailor a plan that covers additional living expenses or personal legal liabilities.       

Contact us today and learn more about the homeowners insurance policies we can offer you.                                                                                                                                                                               



Condo & renters

For your condo and rental investment property

You might not own the home in which you live, or perhaps you own a condo. In either case, your property won’t fall under standard homeowners insurance. At Mavco, we can find you condo insurance and renters insurance quotes to cover whatever your living situation may be. 

Mavco’s capabilities as a top renters insurance agency mean we can find a plan that protects what you own and covers that for which you are responsible.

Protect your condo’s interior in ways your association cannot. A standard condo association policy will not cover such items as cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, doors and woodwork. As a top condo insurance company, we can see to it that your condo’s interior is fully covered.
Cover the personal property inside of your condo. Accidents happen in condos, and you want to be prepared. We can obtain policies to cover your personal property and protect against liability in the event that someone is hurt.

Renters can be held liable. Renters must protect themselves against liability. If someone becomes injured under your watch – or in some cases, after they’ve left your home – you could need liability coverage to avoid a costly ordeal, even if you are a renter.

Consult with a Mavco representative today to learn more about our policy options and get a condo insurance or renters insurance quote.


Protecting your most prized possessions

Even comprehensive homeowners insurance plans have limits, which sometimes leave your most valuable assets partially or fully unprotected. As a premiere collectibles insurance agency, we cover items that are precious to you, from works of art to expensive fur coats.

You can trust that our collectibles insurance quotes represent the best coverage plans.

Fine jewelry. Our plans cover your jewelry based on stated value. In addition, we offer inflation protection, meaning our plans can pay up to 150 percent of the itemized amount if the market value is greater than the insured amount.

Artwork. Don’t overlook your fine arts when compiling an insurance plan. Paintings and other pieces of artwork have value, and they should be protected. We can individually insure items, or we can do a blanket limit if no single item is valued greater than $10,000.

Unique collectibles. We can provide coverage for furs, wines, silverware and cameras. As with fine art, our plans can list items individually or provide blanket coverage.

If it’s important to you, we can insure it - thoroughly. Consult a Mavco representative today and let us begin work on your collectibles insurance quote.