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Life insurance

Premium plans

Life insurance is about planning for your future and the future of your family, and should be an integral part of your estate plan. Careful insurance planning enables your estate to fulfill promises and obligations, as well as to ensure your family is well cared for. Mavco can present you with life insurance quotes to support the financial needs of you and your family, no matter how complex.

Life insurance is about protecting your loved ones.

Reduce the burden of expenses. Our policies include a “death benefit,” which can cover funeral expenses, repay debt, provide education, pay estate taxes or cover other expenses incurred by your survivors. The death benefit is income-tax-free.
Protect the future of your business. Mavco life insurance plans can effectively transfer your business ownership in accordance with your wishes upon your death.
Rely on our expertise and insight. Let us sort through numerous life insurance plan options to find the right one for you. We carefully review policy options to ensure that your plan does not contain hidden exclusions or stipulations.

Consult with a Mavco agent today to learn more about our many options and to receive a life insurance quote.

long term care

You or a loved one could require long-term care for a number of reasons. Traditional health insurance plans do not always cover long-term care needs that arise from a debilitating accident, illness, or infirmity. Experts at Mavco can provide you with long-term care insurance quotes. 

Live with dignity without depleting your savings

  • Long-term care can be much more than housing and daily care. Plans can include such options as occupational therapy, speech therapy and rehabilitation. Other plans can include meal preparation or housekeeping.

  • Know now what kind of care you are eligible for. Depending on the coverage you select, you can count on an array of care services. Your plan could be as simple as coverage for day health centers, or could include hospice services, assisted living programs or nursing homes.

  • Options can be ailment-specific. Your long-term care requirements could be unique, and you want to be sure your plan provides coverage. For example, Alzheimer’s disease could require extensive care services. Treatment options can be as comprehensive as you need.

Contact Mavco today to learn more about our options for long-term care insurance. As a long-term care insurance company, our experts can tell you exactly what can be covered – and how best to cover it.