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DSR Realty


We love our clients and we are beyond grateful when they rave!

We LOVE feedback. We want to make sure that you have received the best real estate experience possible. If for some reason we have not provided a 5 star experience please let us know. We will do everything we can to make sure that it ends a 5 star experience for you, because anything less is unacceptable to us.

"Paul completely exceeded our expectations. We were first time buyers and really didn't know what we were doing. We needed someone to give us a crash-coarse on home buying so that we wouldn't get ourselves into a regrettable situation. Paul did just that. He was there anytime we had questions, concerns, fears, etc., day or night. He treated us like friends and educated and protected us. He set us up with a great, honest and personable mortgage lender and shared his knowledge regarding the financial end as well. We wouldn't have been so hesitant to buy a house in the past if we knew we were going to end up with an agent like Paul. He made the experience of purchasing our home an enjoyable one."

Eric C

"Paul was so helpful and knowledgeable when it came to our home search. He really is the best! "

John S


"We had a neighbor move who had recommended Paul's agency as one that had provided them with quick service and a price they'd been very happy with for their condo. He gave us the name of the agent with which they'd worked, but by the time we were in a place to sell ours, we remembered the agency, but not the name. But we had a very, very happy circumstance that we got connected with Paul instead. He has been an absolute gem through the whole process. Very accommodating with his time and his expertise and explanations of the selling/buying process. He took care of my mom's condo selling--and sold it in 3 days! We were absolutely dumbfounded. And he helped us find a great new place which we loved. He's treated us with respect and kindness throughout the whole process, and my mom and I think he's terrific. You will not go wrong with using Paul and his agency for either buying or selling. He's fantastic. Can't recommend him highly enough!" 

Susan Sutherland


"Paul exemplifies the very best of what service stands for. Responsive, communicates his vision, actively solicits feedback, and encourages a win win partnership with his clients. He is thoroughly grounded in the day to day details of his business. The energy and excitement that Paul shares is palpable and extends to everyone. It isn't just about whether Paul is a nice person or responsive person, he is a great example of what an agents purpose is all about." 

Bruce M

Paul's hard work and dedication to the success of his clients plays a huge role in his ability and commitment to service. Paul communicates quickly, effectively, and actively solicits feedback from his clients throughout the process. Pauls best results are intangible and thats the relationship and experience we had working with him.

Laura Hayat

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